6 Top Tips to Excel at Basketball in High School

If you wish to excel at basketball and maybe even compete professionally one day, you’ll have to work hard towards your goals. There are a lot of key areas you can focus on that can lead to a successful basketball career. Keep in mind that you have to be focused and have identified goals as this will keep you motivated towards reaching for gold.

In this piece we provide some tips on how you can ensure your high school basketball career leads to greatness further along the road.

1. Understand the System

If you are already playing for your local school team, your coach will have a system and philosophy in place. Understanding their system and strategies fully will help you reach your goals as they are also dedicated to creating a strong team of players.

2. Work Hard

Nothing in life comes handed to you on a silver platter. If you wish to get a scholarship or play professionally, you’ll have to work hard towards your goals. That means you need to train extra hard, be focused and dedicated to becoming the player you wish to be.

3. Identify Obstacles

It is necessary to be aware of specific obstacles that may be in your way. This could include things like strength, speed or power or even build. Some coaches focus on getting a player with a specific build. Be sure your other areas are razor sharp while working towards your goals.

4. Train Hard

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. You need to have strength, speed and power if you want to succeed at professional basketball. For you to harness and increase your skills, you need to train hard and focus on areas that needs to be improved.

5. Be Powerful

Your very essence and aura on the court needs to reiterate power. Whether you are playing defense or offense, you need to exert power and take control of the game. Your mindset will exude in your body language, which will increase your performance on both defense and offense.

6. Be a Team Player

Finally, while you need to be a powerful player, you also need to remain humble and caring of your team mates. It won’t do the team any good if you want to play a one-person game, and it could hurt your reputation. Encourage your team mates, be there for them and share the load.

By keeping focused on your goals to become a professional basketball player and sticking to these simple tips, you’ll see a drastic improvement in your performance on the court. You’ll also have a more enjoyable experience while splaying at high school level. The best thing of course is to have fun.


Discover the Top 7 States for High School Baseball

If you had to rate the best baseball players and clubs by state, would you be able to? How about according to high school teams? It seems a bit difficult doesn’t it. Well, it does not have to be though. If you are a baseball fanatic and your child is a gifted batsman, you would probably keep an eye out on some of the best high schools for him to join.

In this post we take a look at some of the best states for high school baseball across the states. Who knows, perhaps your state is featured on this list? Let’s get started.

1. California

California offers ideal weather for optimal baseball training and practice. It also hosts some of the game’s best players of all time. It is also one of the bigger states, making it an ideal spot for high school baseball training.

2. Georgia

Even though the summer months in Georgia can be a bit humid, kids can practice year-round due to the lovely weather. Georgia also has multiple teams in the Super 25 on a regular basis.

3. Florida

Another one of the top states for baseball affords year-round training and an ideal climate for training. Florida is one of two states that hosts Major League baseball teams too. The perfect state for baseball training.

4. South Carolina

South Caroline reaches the number four spot on our list because the state is home to some of the best baseball players out there. It is arguably one of the best states to attend high school for baseball training.

5. Texas

Known for their hard-throwing pitchers, Texas is also home to some of the USs very best baseball players. The climate also allows players to practice year-round, and it is the second state that hosts Major League Football.

6. Louisiana

Louisiana is another state known for producing some of the greatest baseball players of all time. A great climate, fantastic schools and colleges as well as extraordinary clubs makes this state one of the best for high school baseball.

7. Oklahoma

Oklahoma might be last in mind when you think about great states for baseball, but the state’s tertiary institutions have made a dedicated effort to developing baseball programs. It’s a great state with loads of opportunities for baseball on high school as well as college level.

As you can see, there are quite a few states that would be perfect for high school baseball training. If your child has a passion for baseball and wants to pursue a career in the sport, look at getting him a spot at one of these states’ schools.


5 of the Best Sporting High Schools in the US

When it comes to selecting a high school to enroll your gifted child in, things may get a bit tricky. You only want what’s best for your child, and if they are athletic and great at sports, joining a school that’s great with sports is the best thing to do. But how do you find a high school that is specifically sport-driven and excels in the area?

Not to worry, we have done the groundwork and found some of the best sporting high schools in the US just for you. Let’s see which ones are worth your consideration.

#1: Boston College High School

Boston College High School is an all-boys catholic school situated in Boston. It offers loads of extramural activities and clubs and is our number one recommendation for a great sporting high school.

#2: St. Edward High School

Another all-boys school that reaches our list is the St. Edward Catholic High School. Football is voted as the most popular sport, while boys are also able to join basketball teams. The school is highly recommended.

#3: Sacred Heart Academy

This all-girls school is situated in Kentucky, and reaches our number three spot. The school is rated very highly regarding academics, clubs and activities as well as sports making it a great option for any girl interested in sports.

#4: Mount Carmel Academy

This private Catholic school has 1,250 students with very high recommendations and is situated in New Orleans. Academics and sports are standout features with high grades, and gym is among the favorite school activities here.

#5: Christopher Columbus High School

This all-boys Catholic school is situated in Miami and offers loads of sports and a great academic curriculum. It’s also noted that 100% of students who attend the school continue to complete further studies.

And that is all of them. All these schools offer students a huge variety of sporting activities as well as clubs to join. They also rank highly regarding academics, culture and safety and provides students with a solid foundation to further their studies and careers. All you have to do is select a school that made an impression and looks like it would be a great fit for your child.

Facts about Youth Sports

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4 Benefits of Joining a Sports Team in High School

While some students are reluctant to joining a sports team at high school, it can be of great value to them. There are of course also cases where those who are not athletically inclined participate in other extramural activities, which has its own set of benefits. If, however, your child is more athletic and love sports, they should consider joining a team at their high school.

In this post we take a look at all the benefits high school students can expect when they decide to join a team at school.

1. Learn Leadership Skills


In the majority of sports, a team captain will be chosen. While being part of a sports team is great for learning how to work with others, it can also be a great opportunity to learn leadership skills. This will teach any high school student how to take on leadership roles in their future careers effectively.

2. Great Socializing Opportunity


There literally is no better or easier way to make new friends than to join a sports team. When a high school student joins a team, he/she will be exposed to interactions with peers, providing an ideal opportunity to make friends, build relationships and socialise.

3. You May Get a Scholarship


As a team member of any given sport, if you work hard and exercise there is a good chance that you’ll be considered for a scholarship. This means you’ll be able to compete on a professional level after school, while studying towards your future career. Keep in mind that you’ll have to have great skills.

4. Great for Your Health


Participating in sporting activities is not only great exercise and good for your body, it is also great for your mind. Studies have shown that participating in team sports is a great way to keep fit and you’re your stress levels and anxiety at bay. Join a sports team at your high school to see how it will positively influence your health.

What are you waiting for? Whether you have a child who is in high school or a high school student, joining a sports team can have a great impact on your life and future. It’s a great way to blow off some steam, mingle with others and learn how to work well with others.