5 of the Best Sporting High Schools in the US

When it comes to selecting a high school to enroll your gifted child in, things may get a bit tricky. You only want what’s best for your child, and if they are athletic and great at sports, joining a school that’s great with sports is the best thing to do. But how do you find a high school that is specifically sport-driven and excels in the area?

Not to worry, we have done the groundwork and found some of the best sporting high schools in the US just for you. Let’s see which ones are worth your consideration.

#1: Boston College High School

Boston College High School is an all-boys catholic school situated in Boston. It offers loads of extramural activities and clubs and is our number one recommendation for a great sporting high school.

#2: St. Edward High School

Another all-boys school that reaches our list is the St. Edward Catholic High School. Football is voted as the most popular sport, while boys are also able to join basketball teams. The school is highly recommended.

#3: Sacred Heart Academy

This all-girls school is situated in Kentucky, and reaches our number three spot. The school is rated very highly regarding academics, clubs and activities as well as sports making it a great option for any girl interested in sports.

#4: Mount Carmel Academy

This private Catholic school has 1,250 students with very high recommendations and is situated in New Orleans. Academics and sports are standout features with high grades, and gym is among the favorite school activities here.

#5: Christopher Columbus High School

This all-boys Catholic school is situated in Miami and offers loads of sports and a great academic curriculum. It’s also noted that 100% of students who attend the school continue to complete further studies.

And that is all of them. All these schools offer students a huge variety of sporting activities as well as clubs to join. They also rank highly regarding academics, culture and safety and provides students with a solid foundation to further their studies and careers. All you have to do is select a school that made an impression and looks like it would be a great fit for your child.

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