Discover the Top 7 States for High School Baseball

If you had to rate the best baseball players and clubs by state, would you be able to? How about according to high school teams? It seems a bit difficult doesn’t it. Well, it does not have to be though. If you are a baseball fanatic and your child is a gifted batsman, you would probably keep an eye out on some of the best high schools for him to join.

In this post we take a look at some of the best states for high school baseball across the states. Who knows, perhaps your state is featured on this list? Let’s get started.

1. California

California offers ideal weather for optimal baseball training and practice. It also hosts some of the game’s best players of all time. It is also one of the bigger states, making it an ideal spot for high school baseball training.

2. Georgia

Even though the summer months in Georgia can be a bit humid, kids can practice year-round due to the lovely weather. Georgia also has multiple teams in the Super 25 on a regular basis.

3. Florida

Another one of the top states for baseball affords year-round training and an ideal climate for training. Florida is one of two states that hosts Major League baseball teams too. The perfect state for baseball training.

4. South Carolina

South Caroline reaches the number four spot on our list because the state is home to some of the best baseball players out there. It is arguably one of the best states to attend high school for baseball training.

5. Texas

Known for their hard-throwing pitchers, Texas is also home to some of the USs very best baseball players. The climate also allows players to practice year-round, and it is the second state that hosts Major League Football.

6. Louisiana

Louisiana is another state known for producing some of the greatest baseball players of all time. A great climate, fantastic schools and colleges as well as extraordinary clubs makes this state one of the best for high school baseball.

7. Oklahoma

Oklahoma might be last in mind when you think about great states for baseball, but the state’s tertiary institutions have made a dedicated effort to developing baseball programs. It’s a great state with loads of opportunities for baseball on high school as well as college level.

As you can see, there are quite a few states that would be perfect for high school baseball training. If your child has a passion for baseball and wants to pursue a career in the sport, look at getting him a spot at one of these states’ schools.