centennialeagles-about-usRusty Cromer is the founder of Centennial Eagles. As a sport fanatic and professional high school football coach, his dream was to create a space where students and sport fanatics could get great content on sports and sport-related news in one spot.

A team of sports journalists joins rusty and betting fans. Together they created the online sporting hub with the vision to create a platform where others would be motivated to achieve sporting excellence. The site had humble beginnings, but soon grew into the trusted source of inspiration and sporting news it is today.

When you join us, you will gain instant access to the following:

Latest News

Our team of sports journalists will keep you informed on all the latest in sporting events and news. You’ll never have to worry about missing out on matches or team dynamics.

Handy Tips

We’ll provide some handy tips for those younger sport fanatics who wish to make it big and be professional athletes. Coach Rusty shares his expert tips freely.

Expert Guides

In addition to sporting tips, you will also gain access to expert guides. Whether you are looking to join a sporting school or if you want to dabble in betting on sports, find it here.

Contact us if you have any questions about Centennial Eagles or would like to provide some feedback on the content we publish. We trust you will find our site to your liking while engaging with fellow sport lovers from around the globe.